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A digital camera, or in short digicam, is a camera which takes photographs and videos digitally using an electronic image sensor. Digital cameras can perform various functions such as displaying images as soon as the photograph is taken, storing hundreds and thousands of pictures and recording videos. Just like a film camera, digicam also operates using a lens with a diaphragm to focus light. The Cameras are mostly used in mobile phones to vehicles. Usually cameras are portable, simple and easy to use.

The 5 basic and important terms associated with digital camera are:

1) Mega pixel
2) Focal length
3) Digital zoom
4) ISO
5) Shutter Lag

1.Mega pixel:
The word “Pixel” is a combination of Picture and Element (Pix – Picture; El- Element). It is defined as the smallest item in an image and it is the measure of resolution. 1 million pixels equal a mega pixel. More the pixels, higher the resolution will be. The number of pixels is related to the quality of the camera and the quality of the image. The camera with 6 to 7 mega pixels will be used for larger images and will have better quality. The resolution capability is measured by mega pixels. The number of mega pixels required depends upon the nature of the camera and the size of the image print. For example, if a camera ranges from 4 mega pixels, then we can take photos of 4 million pixels. The camera with 3 mega pixels and above is best suited for image prints.

2.Focal length:
Focal length is a measure of how it converges or diverges light and how the lens of a camera magnifies an image. It is categorized into two namely wide-angle and telephoto. While taking photograph, we notice that the view appears far away than seen through naked eye. Wide-angle lens are used for dramatic landscape like day light, shoot mode, night mode, white balance etc. Telephoto is a lens which brings far away objects very closer. It is used to shoot sports activities and in wildlife sanctuaries.

3.Digital zoom:
Digital zoom is used to enhance the view of an image nikon z mirrorless camera and it brings the subject closer. The only disadvantage of digital zoom is it reduces the quality of an image. Optical zoom brings the subject nearer to you by adjusting the camera lens. It produces a better image than digital zoom. Digital zoom enlarges the pixels electronically at the centre of the photo. It is advisable to disable the digital zoom function in order to get a good quality picture.

ISO stands for International Standards Organization. This organization sets certain measures for taking a photograph and this certification is given to the camera which is more sensitive to light. A lower ISO number (100 or under) is less sensitive to light and it is most suitable in lighting conditions. A higher ISO number is very sensitive to light and it is most suitable in dark conditions and used to take indoor photos without flash.

5.Shutter Lag:
Shutter lag is the time between pressing the button in the camera to take a photograph and the time when the image is actually recorded. As the shutter lag extends, the photos get missed and it does not end up in a desired photo what we expected. This might not be an interesting and important factor, but many manufacturers do not list the shutter lag time. So, the best suited way to know the shutter lag is by taking a photo before a camera is bought.


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